Aug 22nd 2017

Hey kids!  Just wanted to announce online ukulele lessons coming soon via Patreon!  I plan on tabbing out all the old songs I know and making some very nice video tutorials to go along with the tabs.  So look to this space soon for more info on that!

Also, Drew Richcreek and I have started a new band called Buy Me Brunch.  Working on some snazzy new arrangements of old tunes and it's been going great so far.  Check out the first song right here!  The tune is called "I Ain't Got Nobody".  Our version is based on the Mills Brothers version with a bit of Roy Smeck sprinkled in here and there for good measure.   Hope you like it!  I'll post shows as soon as they are booked!  

Feb 6th 2017

Hey kids!  Long time no see!  I'm back from a waaaay too long hiatus.  After a beautiful trip to Las Vegas to meet up with Mr. Vincent Cortese, a friend and student of Roy Smeck's, I am reinvigorated to play ukulele.  We all need a break sometimes.  Bring on some shows.  Right now all I have for you is April 14th at The Radio Cafe in Nashville, TN but check back at this space every so often as I will be booking more shows in the not so distant future.

In other news, I am extremely proud to say I am now offering ukulele lessons at Fanny's House of Music located right here in Nashville, TN, USA. First time ever such a thing has been offered!  Come along grasshopper!


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Feb 21st 2017
AUG 9th 2015

Hey hey kids!  Johnny Foodstamp here!  And I am proud to announce I will be appearing in Mister Alexander's Chump Change Variety Show Tour this Sept. 7th-19th!  For more info:



July 18th

Today's the day!  Muddy Roots Wine Train!!!!  I've been looking forward to this for awhile.  Wine tasting and Olde Tyme Music from the FUTURE!  On a train!




May 21st 2015

Hey hey!  Johnny Foodstamp here!  With a live update from the road!  This solo tour has been so much fun!  The shows have been killer and even more it's been really cool to meet a bunch of new people and sell them kazoos!  haha  Check out the SHOWS tab and send me a message if you'd like to request a little Olde Tyme Music from the FUTURE in your hometown!  Cheers!  #kazooloonation


APRIL 10th 2015

Key kids!  I am quite pleased to announce that Kazoobie Kazoos is now an offical sponsor of Johnny Foodstamp and Olde Tyme Music from the FUTURE!!!!!  Kazoobie Kazoos is based out of Beaufort, SC and they are the only plastic kazoo factory / museum in the USA!  Unbreakable!  Water Proof! 






APRIL 6th 2015

Hey kids!  Johnny Foodstamp here!  Check out the SHOW tab because I am currently booking a SOLO TOUR for May and beyond.  This is gonna be so much fun!  Check back often for more dates as they are confirmed.




Feb 17th, 2015

I am proud to announce a BRAND NEW ALBUM!  After 3 long years I present to you "Straight Effin".  10 tracks of Olde Tyme Music from the FUTURE!!!  Check it out!



Jan 17th, 2015

Hey kids!  Johnny Foodstamp here.  I am happy to announce I will be on tour with the Coney Island Rock and Roll Show from March 4th through the 14th.  I am super excited about this tour and I will post the shows as soon as they are confirmed!

Jan 7th, 2015

I am happy to announce that I will be making a very special appearance on Comixstravaganza LIVE! tonight at 7pm Central Time.  Check it out here

DEC 12th, 2014

Hey kids!  Johnny Foodstamp here.  It's that time of year again.  Head to my Soundcloud page and download the Johnny Foodstamp original Christmas tune "Why Christmas?"  for FREE!!! linky

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